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Shooting Sportsman is America’s largest magazine dedicated to upland hunting, waterfowling, and fine shotguns. For more than 35 years, we have celebrated all that is good about the sporting life with a publication that is made to be enjoyed and collected. We invite you to delve into pages filled with beautiful photography, expert shotgun reviews and shooting tips, riveting stories of upland and waterfowl hunts, news from the wingshooting world, hunting dog care and more. Sign up for an annual subscription!

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Each year Shooting Sportsman will carefully compile a slate of hosted hunts at some of the finest wingshooting venues in the US.

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The 'Best' Benellis

by Ed Carroll

Among autoloading shotguns, few can claim the near-ubiquitous popularity of Benelli’s inertia-driven system among American sportsmen.

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Pheasant Flushing the Right Way

by Jessie Richards

Training a flushing dog to efficiently hunt pheasants and other upland birds isn’t difficult, but it requires more strategy than turning the dog loose and hoping for the best.

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