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Shooting Sportsman, April/May 1988

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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"George Bird Evans' A Dog, A Gun and Time Enough"

Topics: "A Dog, A Gun and Time Enough (George Bird Evans)"

  • By: Stephen Bodio

The Two Faces of Quail: The Best of Both Worlds

Topics: "quail hunting, Quailwood Plantation" Dealer(s): Michigan MI

  • By: Bobby George jr

Upland Gunning

Dog Type(s): Spruce Grouse

Sporting Clays: An Instructor's View

Topics: "interview with Dan Reeves, sporting clays, USSCA"

Why Grouse?

Topics: Ruffed Grouse hunting Dog Type(s): Ruffed Grouse

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Ducks on the Water

Topics: Photo Essay Dog Type(s): Pintail Redhead Duck Goldeneye (Whistler)

Collars and Leads

Topics: Proper selection of dog collars and leads

  • By: John Falk

"Chuckars: The Rimrock Gamebird,Third in the Series: Western Gamebirds"

Topics: "chuckar hunting, western bird hunting" Dog Type(s): Chukar

  • By: Charles Waterman

Waterfowl Hunting

Topics: Photo

A Festive Dinner

Topics: Gormet preparation of wild game Dog Type(s): Chukar Quail Turkey

  • By: Carol Vance Wary

Fine Guns

Topics: Photo Essay Gauge: "Sauer and Sohn, Lynne Write, Earl Matsuoka, Armi Marocchi, " Gunmaker Craftsmen: Browning Marrochi Sauer & Sohn (J.P. Sauer) Fabbri Holland & Holland Webley & Scott Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): "Model 21, 12"

  • By: Stuart Williams

In Defense Of Mentors

Topics: The importance of hunting menors

  • By: Ron Forsyth

Denmark: The World' Greatest Mallard Shooting

Topics: "Travel, destinations" Dealer(s): Denmark Dog Type(s): Mallard

  • By: Stuart Williams

Product Review/Field Gear

Topics: "Beaufort coat, upland vest, Jim Blakemore Duck and Goose calls, Suc-Guz decoy, " Manufacturer(s): "Barbour, Remington, Jim Blakemore"

Echos of Honkers on the Eastern Shore

Topics: "Goose hunting tactics, Eastern Shore" Dealer(s): "Maryland MD,Eastern Shore" Dog Type(s): Canada Geese

  • By: Robert Elman

Chronicles of the Major: The Major and the Off Day

Topics: "anecdotes, trap shooters, scam" Dog Type(s): Quail

  • By: Galen Winter

Sand Hills Saga

Topics: "Duck hunting, travel, destinations" Dealer(s): New Brunswick Dog Type(s): Duck Pheasant

  • By: Tom Huggler

Browning Citori Sixteen Gauge

Topics: Browning Citori Over/Under Gamebird(s): 16 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Browning Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Citori Grade I

  • By: The Editors

Pheasants in the Grass

Topics: Pheasant hunting tactics Dog Type(s): Pheasants

  • By: Steve Smith

The Finest Gun in the World

Gamebird(s): "12, 20" Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Fox, A.H." Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): "FE Grade, DE Grade, XE Grade, CE Grade, BE Grade, SterlingWorth "

  • By: Michael McIntosh


Topics: Photo Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Fox, A.H." Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): FE Grade

Saving Duck Mills in the Sand Hills

Topics: "Sand Hills, duck populations, irrigation" Dealer(s): New Brunswick Dog Type(s): Ducks

  • By: Tom Huggler

The Gun

  • By: David Wonderlich
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