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Shooting Sportsman, February/March 1991

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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Doves of the Andes

Topics: "travel, shooting destinations, dove hunting" Dealer(s): Columbia Dog Type(s): Dove

  • By: Virginia Shepherd

"November, Montana, Bitter Weather,... And Ducks!"

Topics: Photo essay Dog Type(s): Duck

  • By: Denver Bryan

Upland Gunning

Topics: "Art, Sunlit Pine-Ruffed Grouse"

Waterfowl Hunting

Topics: Photo Dog Type(s): Canada Goose

A Double Dose of Mist

Topics: "anecdotes, me-n-Joe" Breed(s): Golden Retriever Location(s): Retriever

  • By: Barry G. Davis

"Game Bird Ginners at the Point, A Rustic Mountain Inn"

Topics: "Breast of Pheasant Veiled in Port, Pheasant with Prunes, " Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Vivian Kramer Francher

The Major and the Transmigration

Topics: Anecdotes

  • By: Galen Winter

Islands in the Stream

Topics: "travel, shooting destinations" Dealer(s): Argentina Dog Type(s): Goose

  • By: Nick Sisley

Guns & Shooting

Gunmaker Craftsmen: Churchill Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Hercules

End Results

Topics: "memories, anecdotes"

  • By: David Wonderlich

A Member of the Band

Topics: "anecdotes, me-n-Joe"

  • By: Michael Chronister

The Truth About Teal

Topics: "duck hunting tactics, me-n-Joe, anecdotes" Dog Type(s): Teal Duck

  • By: Ron Forsyth

Full Nelson

Topics: "Me-n-Joe, anecdotes, Nelson Groves" Breed(s): Brittany Dog Type(s): Ruffed Grouse

  • By: Randy Lawrence

Shadows in the Stubble

Topics: "me-n-Joe, anecdotes, fiction, creative writing" Dog Type(s): Pheasants

  • By: Jim McLennan

American Dream

Topics: "John Browning, history" Gunmaker Craftsmen: Browning Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Superposed

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

The Mailbox Covey

Topics: "anecdotes, Me-n-Joe" Dog Type(s): Quail

  • By: Terry Smith

New Life for a Fine Old Parker

Topics: Replacement barrels for old Parkers Gamebird(s): 12 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Parker Bros. Parker Reproduction

  • By: Carl GraybillJr

Over And Under And In Between

Topics: Shot patterns of over/under shotguns

  • By: John Brindle

"Pheasant Hunter's harvest, Pheasants of the Mind"

Topics: "Pheasant Hunter's Harvets (Steve Grooms), Pheasant of The Mind ( Datus Proper)" Dog Type(s): Pheasants

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Retriever Flush Dogs

Topics: Using retrievers as flushing dogs Breed(s): "Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever Golden Retriever" Location(s): Flushers

  • By: John Falk
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