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Shooting Sportsman, January/February 2003

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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The Woodcock World Grand Slam

Topics: A hunt for European woodcock on the Crimea Peninsula in Ukraine. Breed(s): Irish Setter Dealer(s): "Ukraine, Crimea" Dog Type(s): European Woodcock American Woodcock

  • By: Tom Huggler

The Last Auerhahn

Topics: "Hunting the largest grouse, the auerhahn -- or capercaillie -- in the Austrian Alps near Ferlach." Dealer(s): Austrian Alps Dog Type(s): Capercaillie

  • By: Dr. Lloyd Newberrry

Promise Fulfilled

Topics: "Author's history with hunting dogs, including a pair that worked together with one pointing and one retrieving." Breed(s): Labrador Retriever German Shorthaired Pointer

  • By: Robert F. Jones

The Education of Bruce Golightly

Topics: An encounter with the Major from the perspective of a Philadelphia anti-hunter and environmentalist.

  • By: Galen Winter

Sold on Slovakia

Topics: "A brief tour of Vienna, then on to a driven pheasant shoot in Slovakia, with full pageantry and a stay in a Baroque castle." Breed(s): Labrador Retriever Weimaraner Manufacturer(s): Jagd Stiedl Dealer(s): "Slovakia, Eastern Europe" Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Gary Kramer

Gun Gizmos

Topics: "A collection of unusual gadgets related to shotgunning, including slip-on sights, muzzle stoppers, a shell clip and the stuck case extractors." Gunmaker Craftsmen: Purdey

  • By: David Trevallion

World Side By Side Electrocibles Championship

Topics: Preview of the first annual World Side by Side Electrocibles Championship at the Homestead in Virginia. Manufacturer(s): Vintagers Dealer(s): "Homestead Resort, Virginia"

From Rubber Soles to Multi-Tools

Topics: "A gear review of boots by LeChameau, multi-tools by Leatherman, a fitted hard case for over/unders by Browning, and RingStop, an herbal remedy for tinnitus." Manufacturer(s): "LeChameau, Leatherman, Browning cases, Ring Stop"

  • By: Tim Leary

Desecrated Parker Graves Restored

Topics: A group from the Parker Gun Collectors Assoc. restored topple cemetary markers in the Parker family plot.

The Dynamic Drilling

Topics: Description of the virtues of the three-barrelled Drilling for birds and large game from the same gun; shotgun/rifle combination. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Sauer & Sohn (J.P. Sauer) Merkel Krieghoff Peter Hofer

  • By: Clair Kofoed

The Franchi Veloce

Topics: "A review of the Franchi Veloce in 20 gauge, a lightweight, affordable over/uner with aluminum receiver and mechanical single trigger." Gunmaker Craftsmen: Franchi

  • By: Bruce Buck

American Engraved Custom Guns

Topics: Traditions of custom American engraving. Manufacturer(s): Galazan Gunmaker Craftsmen: Bertuzzi

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Third Annual Southern Sideby Side

Topics: Preview of the Southern SxS Championship and Exhibition. Manufacturer(s): Deep River Sporting Clays Dealer(s): North Carolina

The Second U.P. SxS Shoot

Topics: Preview of Michigan's friendlier SxS shoot. Dealer(s): "Upper Peninsula, Michigan"

Miles&Miles of Heather

Topics: "Hunting red grouse on the moors of the Scottish Highlands with a line of hunters, gamekeepers and dogs." Breed(s): Labrador Retriever Cocker Spaniel Dealer(s): "Grampian Highlands, Scotland" Dog Type(s): Red Grouse

  • By: Bob McDill

The Season's Side by Side Shoots

Topics: Description of coming "vintage" and doubles shooting events.

Instinctive? Hardly!

Topics: Considering shotgunning for clays or game as instinctive is a misnomer; it is a learned skill that can be studied and improved.

  • By: Barry G. Davis

Handbooks, Guides & References

Topics: Reviews of "L.L. Bean Upland Bird Hunting" Tom Huggler; "Grouse Hunter's Guide" Dennis Walrod; "Shooting Flying" Robin Chute; "The Greenhill Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers" John Walter.

  • By: Charles Fergus

Tony Galazan's 21 Gun Salute

Topics: Tony Galazan's Connecticutt Shotgun Manufacturing introduces a new and improved reproduction of the Winchester Model 21. Manufacturer(s): Connecticutt Shotgun Manufacturing Gunmaker Craftsmen: Winchester Galazan (Connecticut Shotgun Mfg.) Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Model 21

  • By: Vic Venters

The Eyes Have It

Topics: "Concentrating visual focus on the target, not the muzzle of the gun, for success."

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Old Gus & the White Rooster

Topics: "A close friendship develops with an older landowner on the prairies who takes up annual hunting trips with the author, obsessed with an albino "ghost" pheasant rooster." Dog Type(s): Sharp-tailed Grouse Pheasant

  • By: Wallace Labisky

Pigeons & Pyramids

Topics: Shooting pigeons in the heat of Egypt in mid-July. Dealer(s): Egypt Dog Type(s): Feral pigeons

An Ounce of No. 7s

Topics: One ounce loads of US No. 7 shot recommended as most versatile shotshell. Manufacturer(s): Gamebore Dealer(s): "Prospect Hall, West Virginia"

  • By: Les Greevy

Nirvana on the North Platte

Breed(s): Labrador Retriever Manufacturer(s): Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters & Lodge Dealer(s): Nebraska Dog Type(s): Canada Goose Mallard Gunmaker Craftsmen: Benelli

  • By: Tom Huggler

The Invincible -- Best of Both Worlds

Topics: The custom-made Invincible gun case from Pete Kogut and DoubleGun Cases. Manufacturer(s): "Dan Walter Cases, Double-Gun Cases"

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Craig McNeil

Topics: "The work of Chef Craig McNeil, including braised pheasant florentine, as part of an Alabama quail hunt." Dealer(s): "Five Star Plantation, Alabama"

  • By: Rebecca Gray

The March

Topics: Report of large political rally in London defending hunting rights; Countryside Alliance.

  • By: Tony Jackson

Most Accidents Occur At Home

Topics: "Safety hazards for dogs include improper diet, chew toys, toxics, medicines." Manufacturer(s): Purina

  • By: George Hickox

Make It A Lite: New 7/8 ounce Ammo

Topics: Round-up of new reduced lighter shells. Manufacturer(s): "B&P, RST, William Larkin Moore"

  • By: Vic Venters

High Art Guns

Topics: "A history of the trends in fine engraving, noting a new group of high art engravers' work on British best guns." Gauge: "Brown brothers, Phil Coggan" Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Purdey Nelson, Peter"

  • By: Douglas Tate

2002 Italian EXA Trade Show

Topics: "Brief description of the largest gunmakers' trade show in Italy, the EXA Show."


From The Editor

Reader survey results, the SCI issue and show stuff

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


Topics: "Miroku's BSS sidelock, Lauding Lucas, Less Lube is Better, French custom guns, Kenya's safari strategies."

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