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Shooting Sportsman, January/February 2004

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Editor's Note

Safari issue, introductions, & a survey

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

Roses Flung Riotously

Perhaps the best compliment one can pay an engraved gun, especially a high-art gun, is to fawn over it. Watching a collector pour over an embellished rifle recently-the double resting in his hands the way a sacred book lies in the palms of the pious-I was struck not only by his palpable pleasure but

  • By: Douglas Tate

The Norfolk Liar

Cruise the aisles at Safari Club International, The Vintage Cup or the Gold Medal Concours with one of these trinkets on a lanyard around your neck, and you're guaranteed of conversation. The Americans will ask "What is it?" and the Brits will say, "A Norfolk Liar! Where'd you find that?"

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Field Test

Russell Woodcock TLCs

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

Krieghoff Unveils New Sidelock Game Gun

Based on the initial responses from fine-gun enthusiasts, the marketplace is eager for a German-made best-quality sidelock that has a high degree of hand fit and finish without the price tag of British or Italian guns of similar quality. Krieghoff's new 20-bore back-action sidelock game gun, with its

  • By: Ed Carroll

Gold Medal Concours

Despite the threat of Hurricane Isabel, the sixth Gold Medal Concours d'Elegance of Fine Guns, held at The Vintage Cup, saw record attendance and the entry of some 75 rare, historic and collectible guns and rifles. On Saturday, September 20, the NRA Foundation-in conjunction with Roosevelt and Drake

  • By: Silvio Calabi


There has been a lot of curiosity and speculation in recent months about the inventory from Cape Outfitters, the Cape Girardeau, Missouri-based shooter's emporium that closed shortly after the death of founder and owner Don L. Shrum. As for the company's popular line of accessories, Jeff Mayfield, Cape

  • By: Ed Carroll
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