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Shooting Sportsman, July/August 1995

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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A Snug Man With A Buck

Topics: "anecdotes, humor, Me-N-Joe"

  • By: Galen Winter

Hot Dogs

Topics: Dog health and training in the summer heat.

  • By: John Falk

The Limit

Topics: "anecdotes, dove hunting, Me-N-Joe" Dog Type(s): Doves

  • By: Rusty Ward

Albright's Gun Shop

Topics: "photo essay, fine guns, Albright's gun shop, waterfowling guns"

  • By: Bill Buckley

Prairie Pointers

Topics: "dogs, anecdotes" Location(s): Pointer

  • By: Dave Carty

Two Tramps In Mud Time

Topics: "anecdotes, Me-N-Joe" Dog Type(s): Ducks Gamebird(s): 28 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Savage Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Model 220

  • By: Robert Jones

"Bags, Boots & Bifocals"

Topics: "Gear reviewed: hunting vests, Quilomene Vest, Leather bags, Filson shooting bag, Turkey Hunters boots, Shooting glasses, International Hy-LO" Manufacturer(s): "Quilomene Co., Galco International, C.C. Filson Co., W.C. Russell Moccasin Co., Decot Hy-Wyd Shooting Glasses."

  • By: Tim Leary

Going Home Again

Topics: "Anecdotes, Me-N-Joe" Dog Type(s): Pheasants

  • By: Ron Spomer

Mitsubishi Montero

Topics: "Mitsubishi Montero, " Manufacturer(s): Mitsubishi

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Straight to the Source Part I

Topics: "fine guns, buying second hand" Dealer(s): England

  • By: Charles Fergus

Wing-Shooting Edition

Manufacturer(s): Outdoor Adventures Worldwide

Giants in our Midst

Topics: "Giant Canada Geese, suburban hunting, population control" Dog Type(s): Canada Goose

  • By: Shawn Perich

Rizzini's Premier Sporting

Gamebird(s): 20 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Rizzini Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Sporting

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Constructive Criticisms

Topics: "proper choke selection, patterning"

  • By: Barry G. Davis

Unleaded Alternatives

Topics: "Steel shot, Molyshot, Bismuth, "

  • By: John Brindle

"A Case For Every Purpose, Auction Fever, Matched Pairs, Game & Gun Notebook, Advice of a Quail Guide, Mailbag"

Topics: "Gun cases, quail hunting, auctions," Manufacturer(s): "Orvis, Filson, Cape Outfitters, Americase, Matched Pairs, Ltd." Dog Type(s): Quail

  • By: Steve Smith
  • , Laurie Morrow
  • and Douglas Tate

A Mixed Bag

Topics: "Books reviewed: Spanish Best, Terry Wieland; A.H. Fox: "The Finest Gun in the World", Michael McIntosh; The Sporting Craftsman, Art Carter; Just Dogs; A Breed Apart, Volume II; "

  • By: Stephen Bodio

"Mark, 'Cock!"

Topics: "woodcock hunting in England, anecdotes, travel, Me-N-Joe" Dealer(s): "Great Britain,England" Dog Type(s): European Woodcock

  • By: Tony Jackson

The Last Bay House

Topics: "anecdotes, history, bay house, Long Island " Dealer(s): "Long Island New York,NY" Dog Type(s): Ducks

  • By: C.D. Clarke

The Professionals' Choice

Topics: "The Impact Laser, patterning, sight beads, snap caps, Trigger guards, Buttplates"

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

A Dog-Eared Dinner

Topics: "Game menu includes: Basic Game Soup, Basic Game Loaf in Sour Cream Pastry, Watercress Butter, Russian Pumpernickel Bread, Pickled Fruits, Date & Nut bars, "

  • By: Rebecca Gray


From the Editor

Topics: "magazine expansion, advertising section, Woodcock University, School, "

  • By: Silvio Calabi
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