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Shooting Sportsman, July/August 2007

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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Southern quail, Dakota pheasants, Colorado mixed bag...

Join your favorite Shooting Sportsman writers and fellow readers at some of the finest wingshooting destinations in the world!

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

Lonely Shores

Where the waterfowling is greater than the sum of the ducks

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas Jr

Santa Fe Trail Quail

On the path to great quail hunting in Colorado

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

In the Drowned Lands

The gift of inheriting the hunt.

  • By: Robert F. Jones

Cheyenne-Country Roosters

Pheasants galore at Cheyenne Ridge Lodge

  • By: Chad Mason

Sweet Elsie's Ageless Charm

A timeless affection for a classic American gun

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Steve Barnett Fine Guns

Strolling the quiet streets of West Point, Mississippi, words like "charming," "quaint" and "picturesque" come to mind. Life is simpler here, the pace slower. This is the home of Mossy Oak Camouflage and the Old Waverly Golf Club-a Deep South jewel worth exploring. A hidden treasure is Steve Barnett

  • Photography by: Clair Kofoed

The Frederick C. Scales Gun, Part II

A gun's origins become more mysterious before a riddle is solved

  • By: Vic Venters

SHOT Standouts

New guns from Benelli • Beretta • Blaser • Browning • Cortona • Franchi • Guerini • Kimber • Legacy Sports International • Marlin • Remington • Rizzini • S&W • Stevens • Tristar • Weatherby • Winchester • Zoli


From the Editor

It's been more than 70 years since Congress first passed the piece of legislation that today authorizes more conservation programs and conservation funding than any other: the Farm Bill. At the time the Farm Bill was established, its purpose was to assist farmers and stabilize rural economies by protecting

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


Short Praise Thank you for the article on the two-inch 12-gauge ("The Two-Inch Twelve Revisited," March/April). I have had three of these guns and currently own a ca. 1930 Holland & Holland, which is the finest of them all. It is truly the ultimate grouse gun. Ditto quail, doves and woodcock. I also

Tour Holland & Holland on DVD

"A Look Inside Holland & Holland" offers a detailed examination of the process of making a London "best" gun.

  • By: Vic Venters

Robert "Pete" Petersen (1926-2007)

Robert Einar Petersen, the gun col- lector who founded Guns & Ammo magazine and helped shape America's gun culture, died March 23 in Santa Monica, California, after a brief illness with cancer. Petersen, who lived in Beverly Hills, was 80. "He only discovered he had neuroendocrine cancer at the

  • By: Douglas Tate

A Passion for Elsies

There's a cultural phenomenon that grows out of the communications-drenched times we live in called, simply enough, "buzz." As applied here, the term describes the effect when an object, a product, a brand, a person or an idea suddenly pops up everywhere, seemingly by coincidence or without

  • By: Ed Carroll

Bird Taxidermy Tips

A few simple steps help preserve gamebirds in the field for freezing, shipping and mounting.

  • By: Gary Hubbell

New Scottish "Rounded- Action" From An Ancient Name

What we like about a Scottish round-action is its discretion and restraint, the lack of unnecessary projections, the sober styling and, ultimately, the look and feel of the organic, near-cylindrical gun. But at nearly £40,000 for a new Dickson or MacNaughton, an Edinburgh gun is not everyone's

  • By: Douglas Tate

Field Report: Polywad's 20 Gram Crak-Rs

A number of readers have opined on Polywad's new high-performance smallbore cartridge, the 20 Gram Crak-R, mentioned in the story on the 28 gauge ("Less is More", Nov/Dec '06). Because I wrote, "In November they'll be put to the ultimate test on high-speed, high-altitude pheasants,"

  • By: Silvio Calabi

The Paper Trail Leads to RST

Cartridges at the Classic Shotshell Co. have just become more "classic." This spring the Pennsylvania-based manufacturer-which sells its American-made shotshells under the RST, Ltd., banner-has introduced a full range of traditional paper-case shells in 12, 16 and 20 gauge. Classic Shotshell/RST

  • By: Vic Venters

The Czar's Parker:

$287,500 and Packed for Duluth

  • By: Ed Carroll

Boss Trio from David Sinnerton

London gunmaker David Sinnerton (see "The Best Finish Last," Sept/Oct '05) has completed a trio of 28-bore Boss-type over/unders, the first O/Us to bear his name as an independent gunmaker. Sinnerton, originally trained at Purdey's, is regarded as perhaps the premier finisher to the British

  • By: Vic Venters


Judging from the mail, phone calls and various reports, my recent musings upon ethics seem to have touched a responsive chord and sparked a lot of discussion. This pleases me; it's exactly what I had hoped for. There is no blueprint for ethics, no paradigm for behavior, no Website that spoon-feeds guidance

  • By: Michael McIntosh

A Higher Degree of Finish

With each project, every craftsman has to arrive at a place of completion. I've never liked the cliché "good enough for... " and yet the reality is that each of us has to decide when it's time to call it done. Gunmaking companies face the same dilemma, and when studying each maker's

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

No Worries

Australians have a catchy expression: "No worries, mate." It's the equivalent of the Americans' "No problem." But shotgunners seem to have many worries. Most of them, in my experience, stem from shooters' fears of the unknown. Others start as rumors down at the local gun club and

  • By: Tom Roster

Point or Flush?

When choosing a gundog, factor in what kind of birds you'll be hunting and where, as well as what your aesthetic leanings are. Some people like chocolate ice cream, and some prefer vanilla. Some like both. When it comes to the flushing/retrieving breeds versus the pointing breeds, I fall into the category

  • By: George Hickox

The Pick of New Products

The Pick of New Products

  • By: Tom Huggler

Readable References

Readable References

  • By: Charles Fergus

Vengeance Is Mine, Sayeth Peabody

It was mid-July. "Summertime, and the livin' is easy," so goes the old Gershwin tune. During July in Philadelphia, whenever one is away from the air-conditioning, the livin' can be hot, sweaty and generally uncomfortable. In spite of living in an air-conditioned apartment, Major Na-thaniel

  • By: Galen Winter
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