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Shooting Sportsman, March/April 1997

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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Schnee's Montana Pull-On Boots

Topics: Winter boots reviewed. Manufacturer(s): "Schnee's Boots & Shoes,"

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes


Topics: "A breakaction gun can't be self loading, but it can be self unloading and self opening." Gunmaker Craftsmen: Purdey Holland & Holland

  • By: Michael McIntosh
  • and David Trevallion

Book Learning

Topics: "Books Reviewed: Wings from Cover by Ed Gray, Equinox by Dan O'Brien, Shooting Sports for Women by Laurie Morrow & Steve Smith, Ruger and His Guns by R.L. Wilson and Complete Fish and Game Cookbook by A.D. Livingston."

  • By: Stephen Bodio

East of My Heart

Topics: Sea duck and goose hunting in Nova Scotia. Manufacturer(s): Goldeneye Guide Service Dealer(s): "Nova Scotia,Canada" Dog Type(s): Eider Pheasant

  • By: Laurie Morrow

The '96 Readers & Writers Wingshoots

Topics: Photo essay of three Readers & Writers wingshoots in 1996. Dealer(s): "South Dakota,Doaktown, New Brunswick,Kamiah, Idaho ID" Dog Type(s): Pheasant Grouse American Woodcock

  • By: Michael McIntosh
  • , Tim Leary
  • and Steven Dodd Hughes

The Slide Toward Sensescence

Topics: "Just as we birdhunters eventually grow old and decrepit, so too do our favorite coverts. " Dealer(s): Vermont VT

  • By: Robert F. Jones

Doing It Right

Topics: "By the time winter blew in on the last day of the hunting season, I figured I had been condemned to a life of hunting with an unloaded gun. " Dealer(s): Kansas KS Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Scott Sullivan

Get a Grip

Topics: Explaination and variations of the three basic types of gun stocks (grips). Designing and making a gun stock.

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

The Ferlib FVII

Topics: "It's better to buy a well-made boxlock than a cheap-and-cheerful sidelock. The reason? Of the Italian gunmakers with a U.S. presence, Ferlib is the boxlock specialist." Manufacturer(s): Hi-Grade Imports Dealer(s): Gardone Italy Gamebird(s): 20 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Ferlib Gunmaker Manufacturer(s):

  • By: Vic Venters

The Champion Wingshot of the World

Topics: Adam Bogardus returned from England Champion Wingshot of the World.

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Training the Trainer

Topics: Shooting Sportsman sponsors a training program at Pheasant Ridge (NY) by George Hickox. Dealer(s): "Greenwich, New York NY"

  • By: Laurie Morrow

Art For The Sport Of It

Topics: The hunt as a timeless theme for painters through the ages.

  • By: Michael McIntosh

A Sporting Tour of England

Topics: Crossing the Pond to shoot sporting clays. A tour of several of England's best shooting grounds. Dealer(s): "England,Great Britain"

  • By: Barry G. Davis

Domestic Double

Topics: The Grade 3 L.C. Smith with its two sets of chain Damascus barrels and game bird scene engraving is art that can be appreciated. Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Smith, L.C." Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Grade 3

  • By: Sherman Bell

Retriever Etiquette

Topics: "Hunting tips and rules of etiquette for retrievers (labs, goldens, Chesapeakes, etc.)." Breed(s): Chesapeake Bay Retriever Golden Retriever

  • By: Steve Smith


Topics: Humorous list of shooting related tax deductions one ought to be able to take.

  • By: Steve Smith

From Ticks to Turnscrews

Topics: "Products reviewed: London Best Screwdriver Set from Galazan, Tick Repellent and Tick Remover from Safety Consulting Services, International Shooting Vest from Wild Hare, Latigo Eyeglass Case from Galco, TakeCover soft gun case, and Sporting Clays Bag from Teal Leather Sports." Manufacturer(s):

  • By: Tim Leary

Easing Down The Hill

Topics: "No one likes to think about retiring their dog, but practicality calls for precautions."

  • By: John Falk

Notes From The Bushveld

Topics: Wingshooting beneath the Southern Cross. The great appeal of airborn guinea fowla'to say nothing of the value as table fare. Dealer(s): "South Africa,Zimbabwe" Dog Type(s): Guinea Fowl Dove

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas Jr

A Successful Hunt

Topics: Story of Major Peabody's tour of duty at the Embassy in the Republic of Columbia.

  • By: Galen Winter


Topics: New Brunswick waterfowling the old fashion waya'sinkbox shooting on Tabusintac Bay. Manufacturer(s): "Goldeneye Guide Service,Samuel Breau" Dealer(s): "New Brunswick,Canada" Dog Type(s): Goose Black Duck

  • By: Worth Mathewson

Quail in Heaven

Topics: A bobwhite hunter's promised landa'south of the border. Dealer(s): Mexico Dog Type(s): Bobwhite Quail

  • By: Michael McIntosh
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