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Shooting Sportsman, March/April 2006

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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F.lli Piotti

The gold standard of Italian 'bests'

  • By: Clair Kofoed

Into the Blue(s)

Into thin air in pursuit of blue grouse

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

These Are the Good Old Days

Finding bird coverts like they used to be

  • By: William G. Tapply

The Doves of La Paloma

The subject may have come up first while we were bouncing along a rutted dusty two-track in the back of a renovated old Dodge military truck-eight American shotgunners on the way back to our Argentine estancia after the first of three days shooting doves. Or it may have come up first when we were ensconced

  • By: Ed Carroll

Inside Sub-Gauge Inserts

Shotgunners perusing shooting periodicals these days encounter numerous ads for sub-gauge chamber inserts of various designs and lengths. These devices allow the use of shotshells smaller than the gauge of the barrel(s) of the gun itself, often with claims of excellent patterning performance and velocities.

  • By: Tom Roster

Parker Bros. -- The Old Reliable

Photo Spread

  • By: Bill Diers


From the Editor

Sportsmen are America's greatest conservationists. We've all heard the declaration before. Yet in these days of decreasing wildlife habitat and increasing attacks on our hunting heritage, the words have never rung truer. The pervasive attitude of (sub)divide and conquer has sportsmen scrambling to preserve

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


Setting the Record (Straight) I understand that much of the information and requests for mention in your publication come from usually credible sources. My concern of a recent press release from Howard Communications may interest you regarding the integrity of your magazine. I just finished reading Michael

National Side by Side Festival Moves to the Heart of Texas

In late March the Vintagers will host the Third Annual National Side by Side Festival, with this year's event planned for sunny Southern weather and the avid shotgunning populace of the Houston area. The National Side by Side Sporting Clays Championship will test the waters of the attractive course at

  • By: Ed Carroll

Guest Gun

The Unusual Guyot of Henri Roux

  • By: James Flynn

Readers & Writers Adventures 2006

In this, the 12th year of our popular Readers & Writers Adventures program, we will be offering one excellent opportunity to come shooting with friends of Shooting Sportsman. Gun Review Editor Bruce Buck will host a dozen guests for three days of classic Southwest quail hunting at the Witcher Ranch,

  • By: Ed Carroll

Side by Side: The 7th Southern & 3rd Challenge Cup

Come late April, it will be rubber-match time at the Southern Side by Side Championship & Exhibition. For the third year, shooters from the Parker Gun Collectors Assoc. will face off against rival gunners from the L.C. Smith Collectors Assoc. in the Challenge Cup, a charity shootoff held at "The

Remington to Resume Production of the Parker Gun

In December Remington Arms Co. announced that it will bring back a very limited number of Parker Guns, and early indications are that the high-finish AAHE 28-gauge will attract enough buyers to continue the program beyond the first run. "We're

  • By: Ed Carroll

Follow the Recipe

Once upon a time, when I was still somewhat moist behind the ears, I unwisely took some liberties at the loading bench that culminated in a chilling experience. A US firm had brought in a new heavy-load shotshell powder from overseas, but the early loading data was quite limited and left a lot of questions

  • By: Wallace Labisky


Fairy Tales

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Fine Gunmaking

Andy's Custom Shop

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Shot Talk

Nontoxic-Shot Concerns

  • By: Tom Roster

Sporting Clays

Get a Grip

  • By: Barry G. Davis

Hunting Dogs

The First 20 Weeks

  • By: George Hickox

Field Gear

Hunting Dry

  • By: Tom Huggler

Gun Review

Dakota Arms Superlight

  • By: Bruce Buck

Book Review

Brits, Birds & the British Countryside

  • By: Charles Fergus


In early January the Ruffed Grouse Society board of directors named Dr. Michael Zagata as its executive director and CEO. Zagata brings an impressive professional history to the upland conservation group's top job, including a doctorate in wildlife conservation, private sector leadership as Director

  • By: Ed Carroll

Guns of the Concours

John Manton Takes an NRA Cup

  • By: Roger Sanger
  • and Steve Helsley

The Major

A Little Knowledge

  • By: Galen Winter
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