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Shooting Sportsman, March/April 2023

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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A Flight of Fancy

Malcolm Appleby’s Dragonfly Gun
by Douglas Tate

Wild Birds, Wild Places

Mixed-bag hunting with Wyoming Wings & Waters
by Tom Sternal

Charlie Parker’s Parker

Restoring a Parker with special provenance
by Tom Keer

Geese in Passing

Pass-shooting honkers during the late season
by Garhart Stephenson


From the Editor

Bidding adieu to longtime contributor Bruce Buck

The Opener

A tightly massed flock of Ross’ geese takes to the sky

Game & Gun Gazette

The new slate of Readers & Writers Adventures, the rebirth of Arrieta & Arrizabalaga, an update on specialty shells, etc.


The Gun Rack

The right-priced TriStar Trinity O/U
by Joe Genzel


A wide-open look at choosing chokes
by Chris Batha

Shot Talk

Shotgunning assumptions that can bite
by Tom Roster

From the Bench

Getting a grip on the finer points of checkering
by Delbert Whitman Jr. & Reid Bryant


Conversation as a tool for conservation
by Greg Hoch

Hunting Dogs

How to keep feet from failing
by Tom Davis

Gun Review

Kevin’s Poli Plantation over/under: a gun that performs as handsomely as it looks
by Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Great new gear for breaking clays
by The Editors

Going Public

Wisconsin’s State Fishery Areas
by Tom Davis

To the Point

Celebrating sandhill cranes
by Tom Huggler


On the Cover

Sage grouse photographed by Shannon Phifer/@s.phiferphotography

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