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Shooting Sportsman, May/June 2000

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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Parker Gunsmiths Move

Topics: Larry Del Grego & Sons moves to a new shop.

  • By: Vic Venters

Scottish Angels

Topics: Driven pheasant shooting at Harburn House with Wingshooting Advertures. Dealer(s): "Scotland,Great Britain" Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Michael McIntosh

The Butt Transplant

Topics: "If the head of the stock is sound, then perhaps a butt transplant is the proceedure of choice (and less costly) to lengthen, modify or repair your gunstock."

  • By: Michael McIntosh
  • and David Trevallion

"Collars, Straps, Vests & Shirts"

Topics: "Products reviewed: Beeper/Trainer dog collar from Lovett's Electronics, a game strap from Mulholland Brothers, Boyt's Dog Handler's Vest, and a cool (weather-wise) cottong shooting shirt fro Lewis Creek." Manufacturer(s): "Boyt Harnass Co.,Lovett's Electronics,Mulholland Brothers,Lewis Creek"

  • By: Tim Leary

For Ladies Only

Topics: Driven shoot in Hungary offered to "ladies only" by Wingshooting Adventures. Dealer(s): Hungary Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Dorothy Teesdale

White Flyer Introduces Biodegradable Targets

Topics: White Flyer introduces biodegradable targets.

  • By: Bruce Buck

"TIG Welding, Part II"

Topics: "Gunwork has to be better than any other kind of repair, because of safety and the value of the value of the item being repaired. Four gunsmiths discuss their expierence using TIG welding."

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Game Fair 2000 Tour

Topics: Shooting Sportsman offers trip to the 2000 CLA Game Fair in July.

  • By: Silvio Calabi

The Edinburgh Gun

Topics: The rise and fall and rise again of the MacNaughton round-action. Dealer(s): Scotland Gunmaker Craftsmen: MacNaughton Dickson Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Edinburgh

  • By: Douglas Tate

FABARM's Classic Lion

Topics: Review of the Fabarm Classic Lion. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Fabarm Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Classic Lion

  • By: Vic Venters

Paradox Information Wanted

Topics: Information wanted on the Holland & Holland Paradoxa'or similar British rifled shotgun. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Holland & Holland Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Paradox

  • By: Vic Venters

Sweet 16s & Upland Dreams

Topics: Apparent renewed interest in the 16-gauge and the available ammunition in that gauge. Gamebird(s): 16 Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Ithaca Rizzini, Isidoro (F.A.I.R.)" Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Model 37

  • By: Les Greevy

A Well-Managed Future

Topics: Educational progams designed to train students in game preserve and shooting complex management.

  • By: Barry G. Davis

Dakota Cannonball

Topics: The Cannonball Company is a communal effort for North Dakota farmers to save their land by offering great pheasant hunting. Dealer(s): "North Dakota,ND" Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Ted Nelson

New Westley's Catalog Available

Topics: New Westley Richards catalog available.

  • By: Vic Venters


Topics: D'Artagnan is the formost purveyor of game and exotic meat in the US. Roasted woodcock receip included.

  • By: Rebecca Gray

Under the Hammer

Topics: The late Dr. McCleery's waterfowl decoy and waterfowling ephemera collection sold at auction.

  • By: Silvio Calabi

L.C. Smith Cocking Tools Available

Topics: Re-cocking an L.C. Smith is easy with new tool.

  • By: Les Greevy

Shadow Time

Topics: It was as if quail were coming out of the ground. Breed(s): Golden Retriever Dealer(s): Wisconsin WI Dog Type(s): American Woodcock Grouse

  • By: Tom Davis

'Whoa' Isn't for the Birds

Topics: The place to teach "Whoa" is not in the field on birds. "Whoa" is simply a command instructing the dog to stop where it is and stay put.

  • By: George Hickox

This & That

Topics: "Books reviewed: Plateaus of Destiny by Mike Gould, Shotguns for Wingshooting by John Barsness, Upland Tales by Worth Mathewson and The Quotable Hunter by Jay Cassell & Peter Fiduccia."

  • By: Bruce Buck

Silver Smithing

Topics: "Breathing newa'and bettera'life into a 16-gauge 'Elsie'," Gamebird(s): 16 Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Smith, L.C."

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Memory Birds

Topics: A south Texas coastal duck hunt. Dealer(s): Texas TX Dog Type(s): Duck

High Finance

Topics: The Major cons his banker friend into boarding his dog for two weeks.

  • By: Galen Winter

Northeast Kingdom Outfitters

Topics: Guides Dave and Francis Smith offer both waterfowl and upland hunting in northern Vermont. Dealer(s): Vermont VT Dog Type(s): Grouse Black Duck Mallard Green-winged Teal

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

Sin and Temptation

Topics: Look at the gun and you're sure to miss the target.

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Island-Hopping Geese

Topics: Prince Edward Island as waterfowling nirvana. Breed(s): Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Dealer(s): "Canada,Prince Edward Island" Dog Type(s): Goose Canada Goose

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

The Buffalo Bill Celebrity Shoot

Topics: "Sixth annual Buffalo Bill Celebrity Shoot held last August in Cody, Wy. included visit to the Pachmayr Gun Collection and the Cody Firearms Museum." Dealer(s): Wyoming WY

  • By: Les Greevy

The 1999 Readers & Writers Wingshoots

Topics: Photo essay and summary of the 1999 Readers & Writers Shoots. Dealer(s): "Texas TX,South Dakota SD,"

  • By: Michael McIntosh
  • , Silvio Calabi
  • and Douglas Tate

Len Puccinelli Dies

Topics: "Len Puccinelli, award winning shooter, dies."

  • By: Wayne Nish

Hunger is the Key

Topics: The Harris hawka'the raptor of choice among British and American falconers. Don't expect dog-like loyalty from a hawk. Hunger is the key. Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Robert F. Jones

A Cautionary Tale

Topics: Don't let the beauty of the gun influence a buying decision. Gunfit and pattern testing are vital to good shooting. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Cogswell & Harrison

  • By: Ron Forsyth

New German & Austrain Gun Book

Topics: Review of book Austrian & German Guns and Rifles by Marco E. Nobili.

  • By: Vic Venters


From the Editor

Topics: Reviews shows recently visited and double-gun events scheduled for the spring.

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart
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