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Shooting Sportsman, May/June 2001

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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Flexible Focus

Topics: You can improve your ability to focus while seated at your desk.

  • By: Chris Batha

Winchester's New Millennium AA Hull

Topics: Winchester says the new AA HTS hull can be reloaded up to 15 times before the crimp splits.

  • By: Wallace Labisky

Back to School

Topics: Great tips learned at the Fieldsport Shooting School. Dealer(s): "Traverse City, MI,Traverse City, Michigan"

  • By: Vic Venters

"Tweeds, Leathers & Protectors"

Topics: "Products reviewed include: P&J Haggart's Balloch tweed vest, a leather leg of mutton and shell case from Lewis Drake and electronic ear protection from Electronic Shooters Protection." Manufacturer(s): "P&J Haggart,Lewis Drake & Associates,Electronic Shooters Protection"

  • By: Tim Leary

SHOT Show Specials

Topics: "News from the SHOT Show: new and improved ammunition, reloading powder improvements, cleaner black powder, a biodegradable shotshell, etc." Manufacturer(s): "Environ-Metal, Inc.,Kent Cartridge America,Estate Cartridge ,Alliant Powder,Hodgdon Powder Co.,Goex, Inc."

John Huston & His Guns

Topics: Reminiscing about his friend John Huston and his favorite guns. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Parker Bros. Remington

  • By: John Milius

The Haves & The Have Nots

Topics: First day of dove season brings hunters of different backgrounds together. Dealer(s): "Maryland,MD" Dog Type(s): Dove

  • By: Will Russell

Standing Proud

Topics: "At first glance, proud wood in a gunstock may seem to be a cop-out, but it really isn't."

  • By: David Trevallion

Mephitis Mephitis

Topics: Lawyers and skunks.

  • By: Galen Winter

William R. Asprey Esq. Moves to Mount Street

Topics: Gunmaker William Asprey moves to Mount St.

  • By: Michael McIntosh

The Bertuzzi Orione

Topics: This round-body Italian gun is quality inside and out. Gamebird(s): 20 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Bertuzzi Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Orione

  • By: Vic Venters

Shot Size Matters

Topics: It's a compromisea'finding the most practical relationship between the number of pellets and the amount of energy each pellet can contribute (pellet size).

  • By: Michael McIntosh

The 2000 Vintage Cup

Topics: "The 2000 Vintage Cup held at the Orvis Sandanona facility in Millbrook, NY set records with 512 competitors and 90 exhibitors."

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Save Your Butt!

Topics: Lengthen your gun stock with a removable leather covered pad.

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Boss & Co. Moves as Well

Topics: Boss & Co. move to new location on Mount St. in London.

  • By: Douglas Tate

A Gun for the Prairies

Topics: "Many choose a gun based on the game being hunted, the author believes that the geography is a deciding factor. What is the perfect gun for the prairie?"

  • By: Larry Brown

Readers & Writers Adventures 2001

Topics: List of SSM wingshoots and travel for 2001.

Mr. Berryhill

Topics: Of quail and kindred spirits. Dog Type(s): Quail

  • By: Gary Hubbell

The Classic Fall-on-Your-Arse Double

Topics: Chestnut-bellied sand grouse offered challenging shooting. Dealer(s): "Africa,East Africa,Kenya" Dog Type(s): Grouse

  • By: Robert F. Jones

A Stilton as Big as the Ritz

Topics: "Edward Dashwood is a fine shot and when he puts together a group of guns, he ensures that he has an adwquate number of deadly shooters." Dealer(s): "Wales,England" Dog Type(s): European Woodcock

  • By: Terry Wieland

Gunmakers for the Ages

Topics: "Books reviewed here include: 'The Greener Story', 'Cogswell & Harrison' and 'The World of Beretta'."

  • By: Bruce Buck


Topics: Don't correct a puppy when he doesn't understand the meaning of the command being given.

  • By: George Hickox

The 2000-'01 Readers & Writers Wingshoots

Topics: "Roundup with photos of this year's Reader's & Writers Winghootsa'the places visited, game shot and the sponsors."

  • By: Douglas Tate

The UK/US Masters

Topics: The best sporting clays shoots tend to have enjoyable targets and a venue that's out of the ordinary.

  • By: Barry G. Davis

The SSM Bulletin Board

Topics: The SSM website bulletin board proves to be a great resource. Examples of the topics discussed and of friends made over the board.

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes


From the Editor

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart
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