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Shooting Sportsman, May/June 2017

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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The Cocker Craze

The growing popularity of English cocker spaniels. By Roger Catchpole

Of Gundogs & War Dogs

Training dogs to find birds & bite bad guys. By George Hickox

The Short-Shell 12

A short history of 2″ guns & loads. By Vic Venters

The Adventurous Life

High Adventure Company’s John Burrell has been there, done that. By Ralph P. Stuart

A Cut Above

The sharp look of custom art knives. By T. Edward Nickens

Pheasants in All Weather

How climate change turned my Lab into a pointer. By George W. Calef


From the Editor

Weighing the emotional price of owning dogs.


Simple fun, a photo fan, choke confusion, etc.

Game & Gun Gazette

Arrieta, Beretta, Dickson’s, new books & more.


Celebrating the staying power of the 16 gauge. By Chris Batha

From the Bench

Restoring a Westley Richards droplock. By James Flynn

Shot Talk

Testing nontoxic versus lead shot for doves. By Tom Roster

Gun Review

The Zoli Pernice: an attractive gun that is a serious shooter. By Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Great new gear to add to the kennel. By David Draper

Going Places

To Meemo’s Farm for game, clays and good times. By Tom Huggler

To the Point

Getting over—and through—the loss of a gundog. By Tom Huggler

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