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Shooting Sportsman, November/December 2002

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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"New Stuff, Old Looks"

Topics: Description of three retro-styled gun and hunt accessories. Manufacturer(s): "Lewis Drake, Cape Outfitters"

  • By: Vic Venters

Drumming Up Grouse

Topics: "Grouse hunting in Montana, wildlife and bird appreciation." Breed(s): Golden Retriever German Shorthaired Pointer Dealer(s): Montana

  • By: Todd Tanner

Engraving American Style

Topics: "Brief profiles of the finest American gun engravers: Joe Rundell, Terry Wallace, Lisa Tomlin, Winston Churchill, Barry Lee Hands, Frank Conroy." Gunmaker Craftsmen: Krieghoff

  • By: Silvio Calabi

William powell Turns 200

Topics: History of William Powell& Sons Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Powell, William"

  • By: John Ian Gregson

Rising Sun Sea Ducks

Topics: Sea duck hunting in Maine Breed(s): Chesapeake Bay Retriever Manufacturer(s): Rising Sun Outfitters Dealer(s): Downeast Maine Dog Type(s): Eider Scoter Old-Squaw Gunmaker Craftsmen: Beretta Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Xtrema

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart

Holland's on Harrow

Topics: "A visit to the historic London factory of Holland & Holland, and a history of the maker." Gunmaker Craftsmen: Holland & Holland Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): "Royal, Sporting"

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Wildfowling Accoutrements

Topics: "Review of LL Bean's cork decoys, Avery layout field blinds, Flagman T-flag decoys, Cape Outfitters' goose strap, Filson camo bibs, Bushnell binoculars."

  • By: Tim Leary

Gunmakers' Gothic

Topics: An evening discussing high quality guns with the late Geoffrey Boothroyd. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Peter Nelson

  • By: Michael McIntosh


Topics: The Major's gambling and lying adventures in south America.

  • By: Galen Winter

SSM's Excellent Italian Adventure

Topics: SSM tour of Italy's famous gunmaking region. Dealer(s): "Brescia, Italy" Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Abbiatico & Salvinelli (Famars) Fabbri Rizzini, F.lli Perazzi Piotti Poli"

  • By: Silvio Calabi

New Engraving Books

Topics: Description of "The Art of the Gun" and other fine gun books. Manufacturer(s): Yellowstone Press

  • By: Vic Venters

Fast and Too Fast

Topics: "Shooting quail at Ashburn Hill Plantation, Georgia; discussion of raised-bird presentations." Dealer(s): "Ashburn Hill Plantation, South Georgia"

Field Test: Baikal IZH-43

Topics: Review of Russian-made SxS Manufacturer(s): European American Armory Corp. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Baikal

  • By: Maj. Gen. James McCoskey

Sure It's Legal

Topics: Description of book on state gun laws for travelers. Manufacturer(s): Traveler's Guide

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Lands of Reeds & Rush

Topics: "Reviews of "Duck Country" Michael Furtman, "Successful Duck Huntin" M.D. Johnson, "Duck and Goose Cookery" Eileen Clarke, and "Wildfowling Tales" William C. Hazelton."

  • By: Charles Fergus

Equipment for New Shooters

Topics: Guns and ammo for young shooters. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Remington Beretta

  • By: Les Greevy

Partridge in Paradise

Topics: Driven shoots for redleg partridge on an estate in Spain Manufacturer(s): "Stamford Sporting, Sa Bastida" Dealer(s): "Mallorca, Sspain" Dog Type(s): Red-legged Partridge

  • By: Vic Venters

To Sluice or not to Sluice?

Topics: Shooting ethics in foreign lands; shooting guinea fowl on the ground. Dealer(s): Africa Dog Type(s): Guinea Fowl Francolin Ruffed Grouse

  • By: Robert F. Jones

From Blocks to Blacks

Topics: "Hank Garvey, world class decoy carver from Massachusetts, and a hunting trip for black ducks." Dog Type(s): Black Duck

The Non-Resident Conundrum

Topics: "Hunting pressure in N.D. brings access limits, resident-only pheasants." Dealer(s): North Dakota

  • By: Shawn Perich

The Dastardly Deeds of Oil Can Harry

Topics: Appropriate use of oils and lubricants for shotgun lubrication and maintenance.

  • By: Michael McIntosh

The Sixteen Is Here to Stay

Topics: "A look at the resurgent popularity of the 16 ga., w/ a round-up of good guns in that bore and the ammo that goes with them." Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Sauer & Sohn (J.P. Sauer) Fox, A.H. Ithaca Browning Poli FAIR Tecni Mec Remington"

  • By: Vic Venters

"Beepers, Bells & Whistles"

Topics: "Dog training tools: beeper collars, training/locator systems, radio tracking systems, bells and whistles." Manufacturer(s): "DT Systems, Galco, Tri-Tronics, Innotek, dogtra, Lion Country Supply, tracker"

  • By: George Hickox

Kathy Forster's Checkering

Topics: "Kathy Forster, checkering specialist." Gauge: Kathy Forster Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Daly, Charles Kimber"

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

SIACE Concordia

Topics: "Review of the SIACE Concordia, a back-lock hammergun." Manufacturer(s): New England Arms Gunmaker Craftsmen: SIACE Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Concordia

  • By: Bruce Buck


From the Editor

Topics: Residents v. nonresidents and a welcome to Charles Fergus

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


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