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Shooting Sportsman, November/December 2005

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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Fowl Foolers

Fresh faces in fakes for this season

  • By: Jamus Driscoll

The Big 10

The pros and cons of the 10-gauge

  • By: Robert I. Egbert

A Little London Big-Bore

Watson Bros. has perfected a 12 that handles like a 20

  • By: Vic Venters

Fresh Fowlers

Scouting out the latest waterfowling guns

  • By: Bruce Buck

Load Your Lanyard

What's new in waterfowl calls for '05

  • By: David Draper

Pearls on a String

Reveries of birds, dogs & the uplands

  • By: Tom Davis

Fowling Boats

Craft for big water, small and in between

  • By: Ruben W. Perez

Out in Rain, Back in Rain

Wet & wild quail hunting on Georgia's SouthWind Plantation

  • By: Roger Pinckney


(Pictorial) It's triggered by fall's first frosts: the early migration of snipe from up north. Sprightly birds sifting down into marshes and wetlands and flooded pastures. Here today, gone tomorrow-providing fleeting gunning for the passionate few who pursue them. It's work, really, this sniping. A bog-trotting,

  • Photography by: Clair Kofoed

Partridge of the Pacific Northwest

Chukar & Huns in the open ups & downs

  • By: Douglas Tate

Gunning with Los Gauchos

Mixed-bag hunting in Argentina with Los Gauchos Outfitters

  • By: Clair Kofoed


From The Editor

Waterfowling is a sport of extremes. Take, for example, an opening day almost 20 years ago on a small creek outside Vergennes, Vermont. A friend had gotten word that wood ducks were working a stretch of oak-lined water, and he'd invited a group of us to join him for the season's first effort. It was

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


The Crucial Quail I enjoyed Vic Venters' articles on modern quail management in the South ("Quail Hunting's New Good Old Days," May/June & July/August) very much. As a point of interest, shortly after the first article came out I had occasion to attend a conference in Washington, DC, on "Markets and


The Irresistible Round-Body Zeus

  • By: David Grant

Wingshooting News

A New Parker Bros. Unveiled

  • By: Bruce Buck

Quail Forever Forms

New Quail Conservation Group Launched

  • By: Ed Carroll

Guest Gun

A Letter to a Friend

  • By: Bob White

B. Rizzini Announces New Side-by-Side

There soon will be a major new player in the ever-changing side-by-side shotgun market. B. Rizzini has announced that the BR 550 model will be available in 2006 as a complement to the company's successful over/under line. The new gun will be officially released in early February at the SHOT Show in Las

  • By: Clair Kofoed

Remembering Bob Brister

Bob Brister's Long Shadow

  • By: Rick Pratt

American Engraving Gets a Boost

It's a simple fact: Very few of the finest shotguns made in the world today feature the work of American engravers. Currently, the market seems to emphasize the talents of artists from England and Europe, where shop-apprentice training traditions and the proximity of engravers to gunmakers have built

  • By: Clair Kofoed



  • By: Michael McIntosh

Fine Gunmaking

Evolution of the Sidelock, Part V

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Shot Talk

The Answer Man

  • By: Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Avoidance Training

  • By: George Hickox

Field Gear

What's New for Waterfowlers

  • By: Tom Huggler

Book Review

Four for the Fall

  • By: Charles Fergus


With 2006 being the 100th anniversary of the all-American .30-06 and the 70th anniversary of the Winchester Model 70, the craftsmen at the American Custom Gunmakers Guild have pooled their resources to build a stunningly beautiful rifle for the group's annual custom gun raffle. This is the 21st collaboration

  • By: Ed Carroll

Shooter's Cuisine

Michael Gray

  • By: Rebecca Gray

Going Places

Deer Creek Lodge

  • By: Steve Hickoff

The Major

A Bear Story

  • By: Galen Winter

Guns of the Concours

A Turnbull Parker

  • By: Roger Sanger
  • and Steve Helsley
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