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Shooting Sportsman, November/December 2016

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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Celebrating Churchill’s

On the occasion of the company’s 125th anniversary By Douglas Tate

The Great Salt Secret

The waterfowling anomaly of Great Salt Lake By David Draper

Vetting Guns, Part 2

How to evaluate new & used guns like a pro By Bruce Buck

Montana Mixer

Three great gamebirds in Big Sky Country By Dale C. Spatas

Redheads & Oyster Beds

Divers on the Laguna Madre E. Donnall Thomas Jr


From the Editor

Celebrating the upland hunting, waterfowling, couch-dwelling Lab


Cockers for quail, trap talking, in praise of spreader loads and more

Game & Gun Gazette

The end of Ugartechea, M.W. Reynolds moves, new custom ducks calls, etc.


A holiday wish list for the shooters in your life by Chris Batha

Hunting Dogs

Efficient training plans for jumpstarting a young retriever By Jessie Richards

Shot Talk

Tested: high-performance pheasant & duck loads by Tom Roster

Gun Review

Merkel’s 40E: build strength at a pared-down price by Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Seven solid pieces for the waterfowling gear hound by David Draper

To the Point

A life enriched by the drive and personality of Labs by Tom Huggler

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