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Shooting Sportsman, October/November 1988

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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The Goose Story

Topics: Goose hunting Dog Type(s): Snow (Blue) Goose

  • By: Bill Wise

"The Parker Reproduction,An Interview with Jack Skeuse"

Topics: "Parker Reproductions, Jack Skeuse" Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Parker Reproduction, Winchester, Remington Winchester"

  • By: Stuart Williams

The Gentle Sport

Topics: History of legislative acts which prohibit the hunting of some shorebirds Dog Type(s): Snipe shorebirds

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Jaeger's Arrieta Game Gun

Topics: "Paul Jaeger, Spanish doubles" Manufacturer(s): Paul Jaeger inc. Gamebird(s): "12, 16, 20, 28" Gunmaker Craftsmen: Arrieta

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Webbed Feet and Wings of Hope

Topics: "history of waterfowl conservation, North American Waterfowl management" Dog Type(s): Duck

  • By: Robert Elman

Woodcock Rambles

Topics: Woodcock hunting Dealer(s): New York NY Dog Type(s): Woodcock

  • By: Robert Elman

Fabuous Flurry of Pheasants

Topics: Pheasant hunting Dealer(s): Iowa IA Dog Type(s): Pheasant

  • By: Jim Bashline

"Duck Hunting, Plain and Simple"

Topics: Duck hunting Dog Type(s): Duck

  • By: Norm Strung


Topics: History of the retriever Location(s): Retrievers

  • By: John Falk

Waterfowl Hunting

Topics: Photo

Long Upon the Land

Topics: "anecdotes, creative writing, fiction"

  • By: Charles Nicholson

The Thorns

Topics: "Grouse hunting, Me-n-Joe" Breed(s): English Setter Location(s): Pointing dogs Dog Type(s): Ruffed Grouse Gamebird(s): 12 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Purdey

  • By: George Bird Evans

Upland Gunning

Dog Type(s): Ptarmigan

"Sporting Clays and the hunter How to hit Them,Part I: Foundations"

Topics: Sporting clays techniques and tactics

  • By: John Brindle

Experts on Guns And Shooting

Topics: Experts on guns and Shooting (G.T. Teasdale-Buckell)

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Wine & Wildfowl

Topics: "Pheasant and Dumplings, wine selection, Woodcock in Mushroom sauce, Quail in wine"

  • By: Annette Bignami
  • and Louise Bignami

Guns & Shooting

A Pretty Good Gun

Gamebird(s): 20 Gunmaker Craftsmen: Browning Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Citori Superlight

  • By: David Simpson

A matter of Perspective?

Topics: Perspective and its import on resource management

  • By: David Wonderlich


Product Review

Topics: "Waders, Cork Decoys, Mesh Shooting vest, video on steel shot, Guide to shooting with steel shot" Manufacturer(s): "Hodgeman Lakestream, Clear Creek Decoy Works, Bob Allen, Number One Video Productions"

The Education of a Grouse Hunter

Topics: "grouse hunting with the Major, anecdotes, Me-n-Joe" Dog Type(s): Ruffed Grouse

  • By: Galen Winter
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