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Shooting Sportsman, September/October 2002

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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The Last Brit Place

Topics: Hunting in Hemingway's footsteps in old East Africa. Dealer(s): Kenya Dog Type(s): Sand grouse mourning doves guinea fowl Gunmaker Craftsmen: Dickson&MacNaughton Alex Martin

Opening Day

Topics: "Opening day of duck season, traditions, and ducks that know legal shooting hours." Dog Type(s): Mallard Black Duck

Chris Hastings

Topics: "Chris Hastings, owner and chef at Birmingham's Hot and Hot Fish Club."

Vintage Cup 2002

Topics: "Complete lineup of the 2002 Vintage Cup, including exhibitors and schedule of shooting events (p. 12)." Dealer(s): "Millbrook, NY"

The 'Knick' is Back

Topics: A limited run of 100 single-shot trap guns based on the frames and barrels left in the Ithaca plant when the Knick's regular production was stopped in the 80s. Gunmaker Craftsmen: S.R. Lamboy& Co. Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Knickerbocker Trap Gun

Seeing the Lead

Topics: How to think about and visualize the proper lead of a target.

Field Trials

Topics: "An overview of field trials, covering several organizing groups and breeds."

Takes All Kinds

Topics: A tale of shooting over -- and at -- decoys. An old-time story of humoring a sport who wants to shoot the decoys for fun.

  • By: Ed Muderlak

Upland Essentials for Dog and Man

Topics: "Gear review of a beeper collar, dog booties, dog first aid kits and EMT Gel, upland hunting coat, hunting shirt." Manufacturer(s): "Lovett's Electronics, Charles Manufacturing, Creative Pet Products, Pbi/Gordon Corp., Boyt Harness Co., Lewis Ceek, Columbia Sportswear."

Who Gloves Ya Baby?

Topics: Wearing gloves to protect gun and hands; avoiding leather leaching.

Crossing Over

Topics: "Crossover stocks that resolve shooters' problems with central vision, dominant or injured eyes."

  • By: David Trevallion

Remembering the Labrador Duck

Topics: The mysterious extinction of the Labrador duck.

A Windy New-Moon Morning

Topics: Pursuing rails and memories in the Carolina Lowcountry. Dealer(s): "N. Carolina, Cooper River"

The Last in Line

Topics: Vic Venters' final gun review after six years and 36 guns tested for the magazine. A report on the trends in double gun markets. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Bertuzzi Arrieta Fabarm Rottweil

Looking for Cover

Topics: The endless quest for landowner permission. Dog Type(s): Hungarian Partridge Pheasant


Doves of the Desert

Topics: Dove hunting in the Southwestern desert. Dealer(s): American Southwest

"Gold Medal Concours, Western Championship Results"

Topics: Complete list of winners from western fine gun concours and shooting events

Cocker Spaniel National Championship

Topics: Cocker spaniel national field trial championships held in Maine. Breed(s): Cocker Spaniel

Miroku Side-by-Sides

Topics: "During a drought of American-made doubles, Japan's Mirokus were imported under various American brand names to fill a small market niche." Gunmaker Craftsmen: "Miroku Browning Daly, Charles Winchester" Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): "Daly 500, Browning BSS"

More Nonresident License Restrictions

Topics: New rules to limit number of waterfowl permits to non-residents in N.D.

Featherweight 12s

Topics: "A tribute to lightweight, fast-handling 12-bores." Gunmaker Craftsmen: Rosson Browning Beretta Alex Martin

A Day Afield with the Wee Scot

Topics: Author meets race driver Jackie Stewart in Italy where they drive fast to the Beretta factory and shoot trap with Signor Beretta and tour the works. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Beretta

New American Target Hulls

Topics: Comparison and changes of shell hull designs and their implications for competitive shooters and reloaders. Manufacturer(s): "Remington,Federal,Winchester"

The Ubiquitous Screw-Grip

Topics: Evolution and history of the Patent Top Screw Grip guns produced in England by the thousands with screw-threaded bolting system operated by the toplever. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Webley&Scott Purdey William Evans

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Topics: "Charity shoot, cocktail party and dinner for the National Forest Foundation."

  • By: Nina Rumbough

In Remembrance

Topics: "Cesare Giovanelli, of the Val Trompia region, engraved a Sept. 11 memorial to send to Presdident Bush and Mayor Giuliani."

Repetitive Learning Syndrome

Topics: Seek the advice and perspective of several shooting coaches for excellence.

Cogswell & Harrison Acquires Harrison & Hussey

Topics: A current British gunmaker with long ties criss-crossing the trade has bought the name and records of a similar but defunct gunmaker. Gunmaker Craftsmen: Cogswell & Harrison Harrison & Hussey Gunmaker Manufacturer(s): Woodward O/U

Fall Colors

Topics: "Review of the books "Woodcock Shooting", "A High Lonesome Call", The Watercolors of Chet Reneson.""

Rio Piedra Plantation

Topics: "A trip to Rio Piedra Plantation in Camilla, Georgia for a guided quail hunt." Breed(s): English Pointer English Setter Dealer(s): "Rio Piedra, Georgia"

"Keith Kearcher, Old World Gunsmith"

Topics: A self-trained gunsmith who specializes in browning damascus barrels.

Reproducing Gough Thomas's Device

Topics: "Author describes the construction and use of a torsion pendulum to measure the moment of inertia of a shotgun, based on Gough Thomas's descriptions."


From the Editor

Topics: "Editorial changes, Bill Ruger, Bob Wehle & The Vintage Cup"

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


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