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Shooting Sportsman, September/October 2007

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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21st Century Sinkboxing

Making like a market hunter on the St. Lawrence River

  • By: T. Edward Nickens

Crazy Huns

In the shadow of the Crazies with Montana Bird Hunts.

  • By: Clair Kofoed

Birds in the Breaks

Eastern Oregon is a land of breaks. Land sloping down to-and up from-rivers like the Snake, the Salmon, the Quilomene. Land made for stretching your legs with a dog and a gun. Eastern Oregon is a land of breaks. Land sloping down to-and up from-rivers like the Snake, the Salmon, the Quilomene. Land made

  • By: Clair Kofoed

Ruffed Grouse & Lemon Pie

A day with Dad at the old Garrett place.

  • By: Bill Trevillian

Springers and Cockers

A close, thorough, enthusiastic look at hunting spaniels

  • By: Charles Fergus

Hunting Trains

The halcyon days of tracking down good shooting.

  • By: Tom Davis

Brown Barrels, Greener Guns

I have encountered many surprises in visits to gunmaking workshops across Britain and Europe, but never so many as during my first visit to that of David J. Dryhurst. Arranging that visit had not been easy. I had known vaguely of Dryhurst's reputation as one of the best independent actioners to the British

  • By: Vic Venters

Flush with Pheasants

South Dakota pheasant hunting * Tumbleweed Lodge * flushing Labradors * Franchi shotguns * "Benelli on Assignment" television * Hungarian partridge

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


From the Editor

As I write this, bird season is almost upon us. Time to tune up the dogs and finish getting them in shape. Time to get ourselves in shape. Time to check the guns and the shells and the gear, to make the repairs we said we'd get to last winter, to replenish the supplies we ran out of last fall. It's an

  • By: Ralph P. Stuart


More Purist Thoughts Michael McIntosh raises some good points in his July/August column ("Purity"). Since shedding a great many pounds and regaining my ability to hunt wild birds, I care little for preserves. But before I judge those who solely hunt on game preserves, I try to always remember when that's

The Vintage Cup at Pintail Point

The World Side-by Side Championships & Exhibition (aka the Vintage Cup) takes up residence at just the thrid venue in 11 years, with the promise of an infusion of new faces and enthusiasm. Not that the many familiar faces at the country's premier double-gun event had become unenthusiastic, by any means,

  • By: Ed Carroll

Mike Orlen, Shotgun-Bore Mechanic

I'm sure that long-time readers of this column have noticed that I enjoy writing about small-shop gunsmiths and gunmakers. There are many reasons for this, including the opportunity to introduce specialty craftsmen to potential clients who might not otherwise be aware of their services. Relating "how

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Departed Brothers

I don't remember who brought it up, but it wasn't the first time I'd heard that theme. "Damn, you've known everybody," he said, meaning gun and hunting writers and photographers and gun people in general. It started me thinking about the colleagues I've known who are no longer with us, and it brought

  • By: Michael McIntosh

Fresh New Shotshells

Before I look at what's new this year in shotshells, how do you like the 2007 pricing? As I predicted and explained last fall ("New Shells for '06," Sept/Oct) shotshell and shotshell-reloading-com-ponent manufacturers world-wide are experiencing significant materials costs increases. And it isn't go-ing

  • By: Tom Roster

Canine Health

All dog owners owe it to their dogs to be savvy about preventive health maintenance. It is equally important to know basic emergency care. The time to learn about life-saving measures is before, not after, a threatening situation arises. At our kennel we depend on a number of veterinarians, many of them

  • By: George Hickox

For You & Your Partners

The upland bird season is upon us. These five new products should help you and your hunting partners enjoy the experience and be more successful. Snap-N-Pull from Gunslick Had Gunslick's Snap-N-Pull gun-barrel cleaning system been available at the time, I would have reviewed it in January/February with

  • By: Tom Huggler

Smith & Wesson's Elite Gold

As I write this, the Euro has just reached a record high against the US dollar. It's small wonder that non-Euro gun producers like our NATO ally Turkey are getting more work. When Smith & Wesson announced that it was reentering the shotgun business a year ago, it should not have come as a surprise that

  • By: Bruce Buck

Spaniel Resources

Books • Gundog Training, by Keith Erlandson (1976). Discusses different breeds, choosing a puppy, all phases of training, shooting and wildfowling; also includes stories about the author's own field champions. • Hup! Training Flushing Spaniels the American Way, by James Spencer (1992). How

  • By: Charles Fergus

Upland Info & Snake Advice

To go with the start of hunting season, here are reports on a pair of guidebooks for finding gamebirds on public and private land, two works on how to hunt pheasants, a memoir about quail in the Deep South, and a guide to the snakes that you and your dog will want to avoid in the field. Wingshooting

  • By: Charles Fergus

Is There Life Before Death?

During the years of managing the Peabody Spendthrift Trust for Major Nathaniel Peabody (USA, ret.), I've had the Major threaten, plead, cajole, charm, intrigue and inveigle in attempts to convince or trick me into delivering his monthly remittances before the dates such payments have been due. As directed

  • By: Galen Winter
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