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Shooting Sportsman, September/October 2017

Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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The Little Gun’ & Its Legacy

Celebrating 75 years of New England Grouse Shooting. By Vic Venters

An Italian Adventure

A Fausti visit turned vacation. By Brad Fitzpatrick

Guns & ’Gars

Joseph’s: purveying vintage guns, fine cigars & more. Photographs by Terry Allen

Huns of the Oregon Trail

Gordons and gray partridge in the Snake River Valley. By Brad Fitzpatrick


A social-media collective takes to the North Woods. By Reid Bryant


From the Editor

Introducing Editor at Large Reid Bryant


Praising 2″ 12s, shooting short shells and more

Game & Gun Gazette

The Fox A Grade, fall shoots, Purdey clothing, Fausti watches, etc.


Choosing between a side-by-side and an O/U. By Chris Batha

From the Bench

A “trinity” of Atkin 12-bores worth ogling. By Silvio Calabi

Shot Talk

Upping the performance of bismuth pellets. By Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Beware The Deadly Sins of Dog Training. By George Hickox


Tall Timbers’ quail translocation program. By Dale Spartas

Gun Review

DRizzini’s BR110: a well-priced winner. By Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Great new products for opening day and beyond. By David Draper

Readers’ Guns

A prince’s Purdey for handing down. By Richard Brewster

Going Places

Wild Wing North Outfitters. By Tom huggler

Going Places

M&M Hunting and Sporting Clays. By Ed Carroll

To the Point

The joys of introducing youngsters to hunting. By Tom Huggler

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